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Michael Giaquinto

Founder of Active Body Fitness

Michael has been actively competing in Powerlifting and has achieved his goals at a higher level of fitness then the normal person. In his early years he was raised in a difficult atmosphere where drugs, alcohol and unacceptable behavior was present. He is a firm believer that work ethic trumps genetics and anything is possible for anyone as long has you think smart and never give up. 

He loves to help others achieve their goals especially to those who continue to believe in themselves and continue to want to grow.

He wants to send a message to people who are having trouble achieving elite fitness and strength that they can make make a change in their lives. 

"For the purposes of showing you how one can overcome difficult times, I want to share my personal experiences in hopes that it will motivate you to believe in yourself, regardless of where you find yourself today. I was sleeping in my car, homeless for 2 weeks after, attempting to take care of my dad who has Multiple Sclerosis. I rented a room at the time but they couldn't let him stay so I spent all the money I had at the time  to take care of him. Addiction is very prevalent in my family. I wasn't much of the outgoing happy go lucky kid. I wanted to be because of all the stress I was put through. I chose not to give into and fall victim to the conditions that had been set out in front of me. Instead I learned to face those obstacles and improve my mental and physical health." Michael 

Although he was very troubled in his youth, he set out to find a way to change the path in which his family and friends had taken. It took him years and a lot of experience to get into the position he is in today. He currently competes in powerlifting and has broken many state records. His coach at the time told Michael to "Always listen to the ones who were stronger than you." He took that message and realized how that could affect his life as a whole. Ever since, he has made sure that he got the knowledge and experience from the most successful people in their fields.

After achieving multiple certifications and training hundreds of clients, Michael has the ability to help you get the absolute strength and fitness you are looking for. Working on the mental aspect of health, fitness and life as a whole, and getting knowledge from highly qualified individuals, Michael is fully confident he can help you achieve your performance goals.


Leyla Polozhani

Personal Trainer & Digital Marketing Specialist

Hi, I’m Leyla, and I am a new trainer here at Active Body! 


A little about myself: growing up I loved being active and picking up new sports. My experiences include gymnastics, iceskating, yoga, track, flag football and soccer.


Being a part of multiple teams and learning different aspects of health and fitness throughout my childhood and adulthood has left me wanting to explore more. My favorite part of this industry was mostly working with others! 


After high school, I left sports teams and decided to get into weight and strength training, and started my own fitness blog on Instagram. Here is my new outlet to help others while also connecting with clients at Active Body. 


Additionally, I’ve been living a vegetarian lifestyle for over 7 years and also work in the film and media industry! 


I can’t wait to meet you all!

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