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How to improve your fitness while working on a busy schedule

Updated: Dec 16, 2018

You've finally took the first step. You're looking for a way to improve your fitness and you're probably the type of person who usually works over time or has an unpredictable schedule (or both!).

Well I have some solutions for you. All it takes is some of the same type of effort you put into your work and transfer that effort into your body.

Here are 4 ideas on how to improve your fitness while on a busy work schedule:

  • Set a small bit of time and put it in your schedule.

  • Train at your convenient local gym.

  • Train at your home or on the go (Yes, it's possible).

  • Bodyweight training program to get started now.

1. Set aside a small bit of time on your schedule every day and commit to it

Even if you miss a day of training because "something came up" you can make an opening in your schedule that is slightly free. This will give you the ability to train often and here is why.

Frequency (how often you train) with your fitness is MOST important and a regular 3-5x per week Monday through Friday routine may not work for you. Seeing that you WILL miss a few sessions, you have to wait until your next scheduled day to train.

For example, say you set your schedule to workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6pm, yet you're absent on Friday (occasional business meeting or trip). You violate the schedule you prepared in the first place saying "I'll just start up the training again Monday" and then detraining will start to occur.

Detraining is when you rest from training for too long. When you don't workout for a long period of time lean muscle mass and cardiovascular health will deplete. It's good to take a day off but not the five days you would take off from missing your Friday workout.

Why not make it tomorrow instead of "next week I'll pick it up again"? Workout everyday at least 20-30 minutes. Even though you miss a day you will still be able to improve your fitness.

You may have days where you will not have much energy. You may feel weaker but don't make that an excuse. Think of it as a day you participated and went through the motions. I Promise it will pay off and remember Frequency is key!

2. Train at a convenient local gym

Being at the gym is my favorite location. It's motivating and you tend to leave all other business at the door. This generates focus on your training to get better results from your workout.

Some gyms are open 24 hours a day, have plenty of space and not heaps of people (just like your own home gym). This should be convenient enough for you to go. You'll be able to get in a quicker workout and leave without the hassle of an abundance of people using the equipment you want.

If you're in the East Windsor area I'd suggest you to come to Pro Fitness Gym. It's family oriented and open 24 hours (perfect for us busy folk). They also have excellent fitness coaches on staff that can answer any questions.

You can utilize time without the worry. Maybe you're worried about getting hurt as a result of an inadequate workout program. The right fitness coaches can do wonders for your health and fitness.

3. Train at home or on the go

For all those people who don't have the time to get to the gym don't make that an excuse. Train where you can. Get a speaker box and put on your favorite tunes (head phones if you don't want to wake the children) and get to training.

Physical activity will help relieve stress that work may give you. This can either set you up for a better day (early workout) or put your mind at rest before bed (after work). You can workout between work too. No excuses!

Do I need equipment to train?

No you don't. You can train with your own bodyweight. I would also suggest to get the Go Fit Resistance Bands because there are TONS of workouts you can do with them. You can work your biceps, triceps, chest, shoulders, rotator cuff, front squats, everything!

This is especially great for when you are traveling. You can work every muscle as long as you have a door to hook up the band holder and a space as long as your body. You'll have the ability to perform all planes of motion (example pushing, pulling, twisting).

4. Absolutely no equipment "Bodyweight training"

If you want to start immediately and not spend any money, calisthenics is the way to go.

One of the safest and most versatile workouts you can do is the pushup. It works your chest, triceps and shoulders. If performed correctly it is a great way to strengthen your core and stabilize your shoulder girdle which can help prevent injury and continue to make progress.

For additional information on how to perform a pushup properly you can watch this youtube pushup video. Interested in a free starter bodyweight workout program? Sign up to our newsletter and you will receive one. The program consists of correct forms for each exercise (because form is essential) along with sets and repetitions to get you started.

Overall, establishing a schedule and finding a convenient place to workout can be stressful. Knowing the proper forms to your workouts suggested in this article are simple yet life changing! You will have enough guidance to get you started with a workout program. Not only will it improve your fitness but increase your quality of life. Now who doesn't want that!?


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